First Offering [backdated to the twelfth]
01 ; i can see
[1. Action - noon or so

A: Outside 917 Bilko Boulevard

Good morrow, Mayfield! Such a peaceful town, yes? But that peace is disrupted ever-so-slightly around noon, by a series of three loud crashes. Not long after, you'll see a certain upstart tiger youkai calmly exiting the house, carrying a thoroughly-aggrieved coat stand; where once there were four legs, now it has only one. It shan't be standing very well like that, shall it?

She's about to set off on her doubtless-impotentimportant journey... but, no, she's noticed the incomplete state of her task. Without a second's hesitation, she braces the stand against the ground, and gives the remaining leg a mighty stomp, snapping it off neatly. She looks rather pleased with herself, and sets off once more.

B. Around town

There's a woman walking down the street with stupid 80's glam rock hair and a great cudgel that used to be a humble coat stand. Every once in a while, she'll peer at a house number, or inspect a street sign, clearly having no idea what's going on. Bother her, if you lack the wisdom to be unsettled by this sight.]

[2. Action - late afternoon, outside 917 Bilko Boulevard

After being away from "home" for quite a spell, Shou has finally returned, albeit reluctantly. In the hopes of gathering her thoughts on the situation, and perhaps receiving some sign of how she should proceed, she's decided to meditate.

On the front lawn.

She's folded herself up in a kekkafuza position, not far from a particularly impudent-looking lawn gnome; if one approaches, quiet chanting can be heard, though it remains indistinct. Interrupt her, if you like... but not too quickly, since her extremely stupid bludgeon is still near at hand.

[ooc: fjajdaf let me know if i've approached this wrong. this seemed to be the manner in which things are done around these parts so--!]


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